About us




Long-term solutions for waste management by moving Australia towards a circular economy, particularly in the building industry, to achieve better economic, environmental and social outcomes.


CIRECO as a major supplier of recycled building products in Australia and strengthen market confidence in using recycled products.


Australia’s recycling capacity and capabilities through infrastructure improvement, and increase demand for recycled building products, both in government agencies and private sectors.


In innovative waste recycling technologies that will add value to locally-generated waste, and manufacture recycled building products that are suitable for the Australian environment and market.


Our Mission

We are committed to be an advocate for the advancement of the circular economy model in Australia and beyond, not just in words but in action, and to help our society in actualising sustainable economic growth and achieving the best of the circular model. AH Lightweight Insulation Block is only the beginning of the future.

Our Role

At CIRECO, we are proudly Australian owned and pride ourselves on supplying high quality recycled products that are the result of circular economy model. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of services by ensuring your experience with us is both easy and enjoyable. 

We now introduce and offer the well-developed AH Lightweight Insulation Block (AH Block) with its easy to build framework system. AH Block can be used for non-loadbearing walls in residential, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, laboratories, warehouses and the like. We supply to both domestic and international markets, particularly in the Oceania region.