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AH Lightweight Insulation Block


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AH Lightweight Insulation Block is made from recycled LCD glass that originally contained components such as silicon oxide and aluminium oxide (alumina). The LCD glass is treated through a meticulous process under a controlled environment to achieve the desired end-product. Alumina in its natural form can be found in rubies, sapphires and other rare gems and is widely used as an abrasive for its hardness and strength.

A component like silicon oxide has low coefficient of thermal expansion with minimal reaction to temperature changes. It also has low thermal conductivity and is a great component for heat-resistant materials.

The AH Block system is easy to handle and quick to build with its simple installation method. Suitable for builders who care about efficiency without compromising work quality, and businesses and home owners who care about quality lifestyle that is environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.


Alternate Market products


Concrete Wall

Sophisticated work & highly technical
Fair thermal & acoustic insulation
Good fire resistance
Typical wall thickness 150mm
Extremely high cost
Generally not environmentally-friendly


Masonry / Brick Wall

Skilled labour & very slow to build
Fair thermal & acoustic insulation
Good fire resistance
Typical wall thickness 110mm
High cost
Not environmentally-friendly


Light Framing Wall

Relatively easy to build by skilled labour
Good thermal & acoustic insulation
Poor fire resistance
Typical wall thickness 130mm
Reasonable cost
Generally not environmentally-friendly


The future of building products

Superior Fire Resistance

AH Block non-loadbearing wall systems are superior for its fire-resistant performance and is non-combustible.

The 92mm AH Block has been tested and proven to achieve Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) of over 240 minutes, exceeding all other similar building products that are currently on the Australian market, making it a product of a brighter future.


Fire Resistance Levels

AH Lightweight Insulation Block (92mm thick)
240 min
Concrete Wall (150mm thick)
180 min
Masonry / Brick Wall (110mm thick)
120 min
Light Framing Wall (130mm thick)
60 min

Highly Efficient Noise Reduction 

The BCA minimum noise reduction index requirement for ‘habitable’ adjoining walls is 45 dB and 92mm AH Block can easily achieve or even exceed that requirement depending on the wall finishes. It also reduces noise transmission from external source such as vehicle noise, providing a peaceful and comfortable living and working environment.


Acoustic Insulation Performance

AH Lightweight Insulation Block (92mm thick)
42 dB
Concrete Wall (150mm thick)
40 dB
Masonry / Brick Wall (110mm thick)
38 dB
Light Framing Wall (130mm thick)
45 dB

Environmental Protection and Waste Recycling 

The main component of AH Block is made from recycled LCD glass, where it goes through a rigorous recycling process to achieve a high-quality product. It can be 100% reused with minimal raw materials sourced from the natural environment.

This process has significant lower environmental impact and produces less greenhouse emissions compared to concrete or brick, making it a truly sustainable building product.


Lightweight and Easy Build 

92mm AH Block weighs only 25 kg/m² and is significantly lighter than ordinary brick or concrete blocks.

It has a systematic installation method making it easy to build, even for a person with limited building experience, without compromising on quality. The galvanised steel frame system provides a great solution in terms of speed and ease of construction and undoubtedly makes it a product builders will love.


Unit Weight (kg/m²)

AH Lightweight Insulation Block (92mm thick)
25 kg/m²
Concrete Wall (150mm thick)
300 kg/m²
Masonry / Brick Wall (110mm thick)
250 kg/m²
Light Framing Wall (130mm thick)
20 kg/m²

Energy-saving Insulation 

The 92mm AH Block system is tested to have superior insulation qualities and out-performs other typical masonry products in terms of both heating and cooling. The heating and cooling energy saving is more than 20%, hence saving on energy costs and making it a highly cost-effective insulation product.



Thermal Resistance R-Value (m²K/W)

AH Lightweight Insulation Block (92mm thick)
≥ 1.29 m².K/W
Concrete Wall (150mm thick)
≥ 0.40 m².K/W
Masonry / Brick Wall (110mm thick)
≥ 0.50 m².K/W
Light Framing Wall (130mm thick)
≥1.30 m².K/W

Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous 

AH Blocks are tested and certified as completely free of any organic substances and hazardous materials such as asbestos or formaldehyde, which are harmful to the human body, thus ensuring a safe working and living environment.

You can rest assured that you are getting the right product for your building projects.


AH Block System Application

System Code System Application Finishes1 FRL2 Acoustic Rating Nominal Wall Thickness
AH92-I Non-loadbearing partition wall Quality 10mm thick high-density plasterboard or decorative panels -/260/160 45 dB 102 mm
AH75-I Non-loadbearing partition wall Quality 10mm thick high-density plasterboard or decorative panels -/130/90 38 dB 85 mm
AH65-I Non-loadbearing partition wall Quality 10mm thick high-density plasterboard or decorative panels -/130/60 33 dB 75 mm

1 Cement render finish (minimum 5mm thick) was used for certification purposes without any issues. Ideal wall finishes are plasterboard, plywood, decorative panels or other finishes that are appropriately recommended by a qualified builder. The galvanised steel frames are suitable for general screws with single-point load up to 40kg.

2 For vertical wall heights up to 3.3m only.

3 Please click for installation details.